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Evergreen Public School is a small community school, offering Kindergarten to Grade 6 programming. Although we are small, we provide a solid, well-rounded and enriched education for our students. Kids come first at Evergreen School!

At Evergreen Public School we envision a school where children are valued, as society’s most important trust. It is the goal of every staff member to provide a safe and stimulating environment that fosters responsible learners, intellectual growth and a sense of well-being.

We provide a learning environment in which the children can develop as literate, self-motivated and directed problem solvers, with an awareness of the roles and responsibilities in a changing society.

Evergreen Public School’s kindergarten classrooms are staffed with specialized kindergarten teachers and early childhood educators, who are experts in early childhood development. Self-regulation is of great importance in our kindergarten programs and in the grades to follow. The school offers both Indigenous language studies, and French language programming to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

All kindergarten students are offered a free lunch every day, planned and prepared using the current Canada’s Food Guide and catering to the preferences of the students. Students are provided three meals/snacks each and every day!

Our doors are always open for families of our students.

Find out about all of the great learning that takes place at Evergreen, drop in to ask questions, and join us for our family activities throughout the year!

Our Awesome Programs!

Full-Day Kindergarten


Weekly Skating

A winter Kindergarten highlight is getting to skate across the street at the Evergreen Community Club Rink.  We see our students gain skating skills and confidence during their K-Grade 6 skating opportunities.


Cross Country Skiing

Our fantastic nature path and surrounding woods allows us a beautiful cross-country skiing environment.  Our Kindergarten students are excited to learn to ski!


Outdoor Classroom

Evergreen students not only enjoy a designated playground, but a designated outdoor learning area. Students naturally take an inquiry stance as they explore their outside environment.


Bike/Nature Path


Fire Fridays

Our K-6 students look forward to their Fireside Friday which offers community connections with Elders and Knowledge Keepers.  Through their leadership, we continue Indigenous learning each Friday.  K-6 students and teachers strive to continue learning through sharing food, stories and fireside Friday chats.



Self-Regulation is an area of focus for all staff at Evergreen Public School. Self-Regulation refers to how people manage stress, how much energy we expend and how well we recover. Effective self-regulation enhances growth, learning and emotional, social and physical well-being.

Project Sunset

Project Sunset is an opportunity for police to lead a community-centered approach, aimed at building youth resiliency. Community partners build positive relationships with students and encourage participation in a wide variety of activities, including hands on outdoor education opportunities as well as in-school activities.

Makerspace & Robotics

A Makerspace is a collaborative work space for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. Students are able to explore their creativity through a wide variety of mediums, either in groups or individually.

Breakfast Program

Provides free, healthy food options that are accessible to all children.

Kindergarten Lunch Program

Provides free, healthy food options that are accessible to all Kindergarten students.

OPHEA Certification logo

OPHEA Healthy Schools

This program recognizes and celebrates school communities for promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of students, school staff, and the broader community through a variety of activities and initiatives. We are very proud to be the first school board in Ontario to register all of our schools for OPHEA’s Healthy Schools Certification.
Eye See... Eye Learn logo

Eye See... Eye Learn

This is a not-for-profit program designed to detect, diagnose and treat children with vision problems when they begin Junior Kindergarten (Year 1), so that every child can see and learn to the best of his/her ability. Local Doctors of Optometry provide OHIP-insured eye exams, and if prescribed, the child receives a free pair of eyeglasses donated by the program’s eyewear partners.
A group of Summer Program learners gathers near the shore.

Summer Learning Program

With a focus on outdoor learning in a fun and active environment, our Summer Learning Program continues to be popular with families. Students in the program will build on their existing literacy and numeracy skills, as well as other important learning skills, while playing fun games and participating in different activities during the three week program. The programs are free to families (healthy snacks and lunches are provided each day) and run by qualified teachers. The Summer Learning Programs offer a great opportunity for students to maintain, or even improve, their literacy and numeracy achievement, and the best part is that the children are having so much fun, they often don’t even realize they are learning!

Nutrition on Weekends Program

The Nutrition on Weekends Program is offered in partnership with the Northwestern Health Unit. This program provides families in need with healthy food options they can take home for the weekends.


French as a Second Language

Indigenous Second Language

Rock Climbing Wall

Lego Wall

Swim to Survive


School Spirit Club

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