Welcome to Lillian Berg Public School

Lillian Berg is a small community school located in beautiful Vermilion Bay on the shores of Eagle Lake. We offer Kindergarten to Grade 8 programming.

Lillian Berg School’s playground is set in a wooded area where students can take advantage of their natural surroundings and take their learning outdoors. We have two Forest Classrooms that allow our students to have a unique opportunity to explore the environment through inquiry based learning to gain a richer and deeper understanding of how we connect with nature. Technology plays an important role at Lillian Berg School and is used as a learning tool in our classrooms. Students are equipped with laptops, iPads and Chromebooks to prepare them for success in a dynamic, technology intensive 21st century.

Our teachers believe in educating the “whole child” and are committed to using authentic and hands on learning opportunities as well as our natural outdoor environment to help promote problem solving, curiosity and a love of learning.

Community is important at Lillian Berg School. We host a variety of community events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas community dinners, an evening Christmas concert, a community Veteran’s Breakfast-Remembrance Day Ceremony at the cenotaph and a community talent show. Parents volunteer to ensure our students have a hot lunch program offered weekly and every student has daily access to a free and healthy breakfast which includes cheese, fruit, veggies, cereal, toast or muffins.

We are a tight-knit group here at Lillian Berg and look forward to welcoming new families!

Our Awesome Programs!

An outdoor learning student shows the camera her magnifying glass.

Outdoor Learning

A student shows off his Lego robotics build


Coding is a set of instructions that computers can understand—you can also think of it like a recipe. Students learn a variety of coding techniques and applications through this fun and interactive learning opportunity.


LBS Forest School

At the Lillian Berg Forest and Nature School, children do a lot of the activities they might do in a traditional education environment, but they do them all outdoors. The open-ended play and learning happens outside, where kids can learn by counting mushrooms, observing plants, or lifting up rocks just to see what’s living underneath them.

Students are encouraged, through interaction with nature, to learn and develop socially; to be physically active and emotionally fit; to develop self-confidence; to learn respect for their neighbourhoods and environments; and to enjoy nature in safe and age-appropriate ways.

Children allowed to explore freely, in ever-changing natural environments, are going to have to get creative with play and use their problem-solving skills to deal with weather, natural barriers, and other factors of the outdoors.



A Makerspace is a collaborative work space for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. Students are able to explore their creativity through a wide variety of mediums, either in groups or individually.

Nutrition on Weekends Program

The Nutrition on Weekends Program is offered in partnership with the Northwestern Health Unit. This program provides families in need with healthy food options they can take home for the weekends.

Full-Day Kindergarten


Playground Activity Leaders in School

PALS provides opportunities for older students to be leaders in their school by planning and organizing nutrition break activities for other students.

You're the Chef » Kids Cooking Program

This hands on cooking program is designed to help students develop the skills and confidence necessary to prepare healthy and tasty recipes emphasizing vegetables and fruit.

Breakfast Program

Provides free, healthy food options that are accessible to all children.



French as a Second Language

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