Welcome to Valleyview Public School

Valleyview Public School is Kenora’s only dual track language school, offering both English and French Immersion programming, starting in Kindergarten. Valleyview is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, fun, and positive learning environment for all students. Our philosophy is providing a rich learning environment for each student through the cooperative efforts of the school, the home and the community.

At Valleyview, we are Growing Together/Grandir Ensemble and we believe:

  • Experiential learning grows successful students and citizens,
  • School collaboration creates togetherness,
  • Community engagement promotes cultural connections.

The 7 Grandfather Teachings (Love, Respect, Honesty, Humility, Bravery, Truth & Wisdom) are embedded in our school culture promoting inclusion and respect for everyone. We’re proud of Valleyview Public School and the role we play in educating our Vipers who learn and grow with us every day.

The staff at Valleyview always put the needs of our students first and go above and beyond to support them. Our bright and open classroom spaces are the perfect place for our youngest learners to explore and learn in. We provide rich learning environments and experiences that foster the development of our children as literate, self-directed problem solvers and lifelong learners.

We would love to have the opportunity to showcase our Kindergarten programs in person. We invite you to contact us to arrange a meeting with the Kindergarten teams and have the chance to tour the school and inquire further about your child’s education at Valleyview Public School.

Our Awesome Programs!

Two students sit outside and work on French math worksheets

French Immersion

French immersion is a form of bilingual education in which students who do not speak French as a first language will receive instruction in French. In Kindergarten, 100 percent of the instruction is presented in French. Starting in Grade One, English instruction is slowly introduced in subject areas with a gradual increase of English instruction each year thereafter. By Grade Six, the balance of French and English instruction is 50 percent.


Meet Our Kindergarten Educators


STEM—Science / Technology / Engineering / Math

In Kindergarten, we explore our students’ interests through hands-on STEM learning activities. By engaging in the inquiry process, and connecting understandings from various subject areas, our students and educators learn about the world alongside each other. We explore in our classrooms as well as in our natural surroundings, and help students develop skills and tools that support them as they become creative, capable problem-solvers!

Full-Day Kindergarten

Kindergarten students sit around a table making crafts with elders from the local Long Term Care home

Community Connections

At Valleyview we cherish the relationship that we have built with nearby Pinecrest Home for the Aged. Our Kindergarten students enjoy spending time with residents as they listen to stories and make crafts together.

Child Care

For a complete list of current child care offerings and rates at our school, please visit the Child Care Programs page on kpdsb.ca

Outdoor Learning

Our school grounds set the stage for optimal outdoor learning opportunities for our Kindergartens to engage in a variety of experiential learning activities that inspires a strong connection between themselves and nature.

Three Kindergarten students gather around a toy cash register with their toy food items for purchase

Head Start in Business

Head Start in Business is a Pan-Northern Community Futures Development Corporation project that encourages youth to explore and expand their entrepreneurial potential while remaining in Northern Ontario. More than 20,000 youth have participated in this innovative and experiential program which makes entrepreneurship more accessible and realistic as a viable career option.

Three students sit inside three sliding tubes at the local sliding hill

Family Fun Days

Our Valleyview School Council provides our families with community-building activities such as family swim and skate nights and tubing at Mt. Evergreen.

A student a works on his coding worksheet

Coding & Technology Education

At Valleyview, Kindergartens engage in a variety of coding inquiries (like programming “Bots”) to improve problem solving and develop fluency with technology.


Your Questions Answered by Kids

Do you have a question you would like to ask our kindergarten team? Well, why don’t you listen to the experts, the K students, tell you all you need to know about the life of a kindergarten student.

School Spirit Days

Our School Spirit Days bring the Valleyview Community together to celebrate a variety of events in our school creating a fun and exciting atmosphere.

A girl helps build a wall from coloured ice blocks at Festival du Voyageur

Festival Du Voyageur

By celebrating Festival du Voyageur, our staff and students engage in learning about voyageur culture through participating in a variety of activities that were prominent from the voyageur time period of 1690-1850. Some activities we participate in are learning more about the lifestyle of voyageurs by exploring common foods, arts, dances, the French language, and more.


Kindergarten Memories

A boy swims with the aid of a pool noodle at the local swimming pool

Swimming Lessons

Students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 take part in swimming lessons each school year.


Nutrition on Weekends Program

The Nutrition on Weekends Program is offered in partnership with the Northwestern Health Unit. This program provides families in need with healthy food options they can take home for the weekends.
Eye See... Eye Learn logo

Eye See... Eye Learn

This is a not-for-profit program designed to detect, diagnose and treat children with vision problems when they begin Junior Kindergarten (Year 1), so that every child can see and learn to the best of his/her ability. Local Doctors of Optometry provide OHIP-insured eye exams, and if prescribed, the child receives a free pair of eyeglasses donated by the program’s eyewear partners.

Hot Lunch

Hot lunch options are available to families for a nominal fee.
OPHEA Certification logo

OPHEA Healthy Schools

This program recognizes and celebrates school communities for promoting and enhancing the health and well-being of students, school staff, and the broader community through a variety of activities and initiatives. We are very proud to be the first school board in Ontario to register all of our schools for OPHEA’s Healthy Schools Certification.
A group of Summer Program learners gathers near the shore.

Summer Learning Program

With a focus on outdoor learning in a fun and active environment, our Summer Learning Program continues to be popular with families. Students in the program will build on their existing literacy and numeracy skills, as well as other important learning skills, while playing fun games and participating in different activities during the three week program. The programs are free to families (healthy snacks and lunches are provided each day) and run by qualified teachers. The Summer Learning Programs offer a great opportunity for students to maintain, or even improve, their literacy and numeracy achievement, and the best part is that the children are having so much fun, they often don’t even realize they are learning!
Arts club students take a funny break for the camera

Arts Club


Cultural Awareness

Students access our school drum, Anishinawbequay, and weekly drum teachings through a partnership with the Nishnawbe-Gamik Friendship Centre. Anishinawbequay is feasted seasonally, with celebrations open to the whole student body and families. Additional traditional teachings and events are offered throughout the year to students and families including hand drum making, beading circles, dog sledding, harvesting medicines, traditional crafting and cooking.

Hands on Learning


Physical Activity


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